Monday, October 18, 2010

The High Lord- Trudi Canavan

This is the final book in the Black Magician Trilogy. It was a good end, but could have been better. See my reviews for the first two books also- The Magician's Guild and The Novice.

The story starts off a year after Sonea beat Regin in a dual. She is finally respected by the novices and even her teachers recognize her exceptional power. Not to mention, she is also the High Lord's favorite. But Sonea is not very happy. She lives in fear of the High Lord, with the memory of the night when Akkarin killed the man branded in her mind. She can't tell anyone what happened in fear of what Akkarin might do to her, Rothen or the Guild.

She moves along in life, learning magic. But soon, Akkarin starts showing her books on Black Magic. At first, Sonea doesn't know why he is showing this to her. Slowly, a more devious plot starts to unravel in front of her and she starts to realize that Akkarin may be the least of her problems. 

Meanwhile, in the slums of Kyralia, a series of murders is taking place which has the Guild and Thieves both confused over who is responsible. However, Loren, the Guild's Administrator, has his suspicions but hopes they aren't true. He may be forced to do things which he has been trying to avoid for a long time. 

The High Lord picked up very nicely from The Novice, but the story soon started loosing substance. It began to pick up again towards the middle and finished with a satisfying ending. If it wasn't for that lapse in the beginning, I would have found it as good as the other two books. The way things happened for Sonea and Akkarin was quite unexpected. 

Thats pretty much it. I think for anyone who likes fantasy, the Black Magician Trilogy is a must.

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