Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Novice- Trudi Canavan

I've already done a review on this book's prequel, The Magician's Guild. I liked that book a lot, and this one has kept the same standard.

NOTE: If you haven't read The Magician's Guild, don't read this review. It may spoil some parts of the the book.

The story picks up a few months after the previous book. Sonea is finally accepted into the Guild and officially becomes a Novice, with Rothen as her Guardian. But not all Magicians and Novices are happy with here presence at the Guild. Many Novices consider a girl from the slums beneath them. They start to harass her. Led by another Novice, Regin, a group starts to make her life absolute hell. They pick on her, frame her for various thefts, and start attacking her. Added to this is the danger now presented by the High Lord Akkarin. After all, she knows his little secret; that he is a Black Magician.

Meanwhile, Administrator Loren wants to know more about Akkarin, from where he learnt Black Magic. He sees his opportunity when Dannyl becomes an Ambassador to Elyne. Loren gives Dannyl the additional task of finding out about Akkarin's past, but doesn't let him know the reason, because no one can know the truth about Akkarin.

Though the story is told from four point-of-views, there are essentially two main parts.
One is Sonea's life in the Guild, constantly dodging other Novices, avoiding attacks from them and trying to hide certain knowledge from the High Lord.
Second is Dannyl's quest to find out about the High Lord.
The other POVs, Rothen's and Loren's, provide a different perspective on both part and connect the two.

After reading both the first and second book, you start to get and idea of how the plot is playing out. Pretty much the same standard and quality as the previous book, which is good. I don't think I have to call this a must read because anyone who has read the previous book will want to read this anyway.

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