Sunday, August 29, 2010

Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex- Eoin Colfer

The newest Artemis Fowl book. When I read the back, I thought here we go again. Another Time Paradox-like book. It went something along the lines of- Evil robots are attacking Atlantis. But Artemis cannot fight them because he has become nice, as a result of some disease called the Atlantis Complex.

However, despite this, I went ahead and read the book. It wasn't the best Artemis Fowl, but it was a definite improvement from the Time Paradox.

The story line is basically what I've already said. Artemis has a disease called the Atlantis Complex. In its first stage, it causes delusions and paranoia. In the second stage, it causes multi-personality disorder. So, Artemis develops another personality, Orion, who is a nice person and a hopeless romantic. Holly and Foaly have to put up with this new character and try to save Atlantis.

The story wasn't boring, but neither was it totally gripping. Sure, it had some excitement, but not as much as the first five books. But it was better than the sixth book. There isn't that much to say, so try out the book and see if you like it.

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