Friday, July 16, 2010

The Magician's Guild- Trudi Canavan

 I had come across this book in a bookstore about a year ago. I liked the cover design. So I read it. A year later, I've finished all three books in the series ( The Black Magician Trilogy ), plus the prequel, and I have my eyes on the new book from another series which is sequel to this one.

The book is about a girl, Sonea, who accidentally discovers she has magical potential. Now the problem is, she lives in the slums where the richer and more powerful magicians are hated. So, she has to be hidden to prevent the magicians from catching her. The magicians however don't want a rogue magician roaming on the streets because a magician without training is likely to loose control and kill ( in this case) herself and a lot of people around her. So they go on an all-out hunt to find her.

So thats what the the first part of the book is about, a cat and mouse game.   Eventually, they find her just in time, before she blows herself up, and take her to the Magicians' Guild, which is their home/school/everything. One magician, Rothen, who is sympathetic to the poor people of the slums takes up her training. But her inclusion in the guild causes a rift to form between the magicians. This is because a slum person has never been trained in the guild before.

Thats all I'll say so that I won't ruin the story for potential readers. My synopsis may sound dull, but the truth is, the actual way things play out makes this book a gripper. The story, I feel, is quite original and is very interesting. You always want to know what happens next. Thats what led me to complete the series with real enthusiasm. I wanted to know what happens.

It was also written in such a way that the type of audience was never forgotten. It suits the young adult fantasy genre perfectly. The only problem I felt was that the actual literature wasn't that good. It lacks that finesse which makes a good book great. But I guess where writing style is lacking, the storyline makes up for it. Thats  pretty much it about this book. I think people should definitely give this book a try.

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