Friday, October 22, 2010

The Immortal Prince- Jennifer Fallon

This is the first book in the Tide Lords quartet. It is a new and refreshing take on fantasy.

The basic thing is, there are a bunch of immortals. But some off them can wield magic form the Tide Star; they are the Tide Lords. But they can only do this when the Tide is at High Tide. At Low Tide, they are just regular immortals. The Tide has been gone for a thousand years now, so the immortals have blended in with the rest of the mortals and have faded from society. They are only remembered as legends.

One such immortal is Cayal, the Immortal Prince. He has gotten bored of immortality, so he wants to die. But that's a small problem considering he's  immortal. But he decides to give it a try anyways. So he murders seven people and gets himself a death sentence. Everything goes according to plan, except that he survives his hanging.

Word of this botched hanging reaches the King's Spymaster, Declan Hawkes. When the prisoner starts to claim that he is immortal, he decides to investigate. Since he thinks that the prisoner is a spy and wants to avoid another hanging by pretending to be crazy, he needs to find a fault in his story. He gets his childhood friend Arkady Desean, the Dutchess of Lebec, to interview him and try to prove that he is lying.

Soon, Arkady starts to realize that the world really isn't as she, and countless others, think it is. Things are starting to change and soon she gets more than she bargained for. Plots start to unravel as the Tide Lords start to resurface after their long absence.

I found the Immortal Prince a delightful book. It was very interesting with an intriguing plot. It has many twists and turns which leave you guessing over what will happen next.

The Tide Lords is an experience in itself and anyone who enjoys fantasy will surely like this.

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