Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pendragon: The Merchant of Death- D.J. MacHale

The first book in D.J. MacHale's brilliant fantasy series- The Pendragon Adventures. Definitely a must read for all young adults out there.

The book- and series- is all about the adventure of a young boy, Bobby Pendragon, to save the universe which is made up of many different territories. Each has its own races, cultures and phases of development. They all exist peacefully and independently, blissfully unaware of each other.

But there is an evil guy out there, Saint Dane, who wants to throw each into chaos by influencing the outcomes of each of their 'turning points'. Thankfully, there are a group of people out there called Travelers who jump between Terrertoies and try to keep order and help set things right.

Bobby is one such Traveller. He is whisked away from his perfect life by his Uncle Press who is also a Traveler. Together, they go to Dendrudon where there are two groups of people at odds with each other: the Milago and the Bedoowans. The Milago are miners and the Bedoowan are the warriors and rulers. The Milago are treated very badly and are made to work in very dangerous conditions for the benifit of the Bedoowan. So naturally, the Milago are unhappy. They want to do something, but the Bedoowan make sure the Milago never get the chance to revolt. Bobby and Press are joined by a few more Traveler friends and soon find out that Saint Dane is pulling the strings. They have to do something to stop him otherwise the whole Territory will crumble.

The story may sound corny, but it's pretty good to read. It's different, especially how the story is told, in the form of journals which are a kind of travelogue. The whole concept is completely original; I don't think there is any other plot quite like this one. Also, it's very entertaining. It doesn't have too much suspense, but has a steady flow. So give it a try if you haven't already. 

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