Thursday, September 16, 2010

Catching Fire- Suzanne Collins

An incredible sequel to the Hunger Games (See its review here). The quality of the series hasn't diminished even a bit.

The story starts off after Katniss returns home from the Hunger Games crowned as the champion along with Peeta. They settle down and begin to prepare for their victory tour, where they visit all the Districts. This is tradition for the Game's victors. But before they leave, Katniss learns that their act of defiance during the Hunger Games has led to unrest in the other Districts, because they have started to realize that they can stand up to the Capitol.

Soon enough, President Snow himself visits Katniss and threatens to kill her friends and family if she doesn't try to keep the peace of the Districts. Even though Katniss tries, President Snow still gets his revenge on Katniss.

Another well laid out book. The same amount of suspense as the Hunger Games. The flow of the story wasn't disturbed at all. I liked some of the twists in the plot, but I can't mention them otherwise I would ruin the story. So read it for yourself.

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