Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Lion of Senet- Jennifer Fallon

The Lion of Senet is one of the most unique books I have ever read. Mainly because it is a fantasy without any dragons, elves, dwarfs, vampires, werewolves, and most of all, magic.

The world of Ranadon has two suns. So naturally, things have adapted to survive on both of them. But occasionally, one eclipses the other. This causes earthquakes, volcanoes, and general panic. Crops whither and people starve. People want answers. One man, Neris Veran, finds them. He stumbles ancient writings which help him to calculate when the eclipse will end. However, another person with him, Belagren, use this knowledge to her advantage. With the help of an accomplice, she manages to trick the world into believing that the Goddess whom they worship has spoken to her and told her what to do to end the eclipse. Subsequently, she sets up another sect of their religion and calls it the Shadowdancers. When her predictions come true, she becomes one of the most powerful people in the world.

Years later, a sudden volcanic eruption and tidal wave causes a ship to crash and wash up on the shores of Elcast. One man survives. Dirk Provin finds him and treats him. Little does he know that this man will turn his life upside down and set him on a path from which he can never escape. The path to find the truth, try and bring down the Shadowdancers, and stay alive all at the same time.

I have tried to give as little away as possible in this synopsis because even the slightest detail told at the wrong time could ruin the story. As soon as you read the first pages, you realize that this is something new. A very unique concept that doesn't rely on magic and the usual to keep you interested. Instead it has a wonderful story line which won't let you down even for a minute. The pace never slows down, not even towards the end. Instead, it just sets you up for the next book. The plot for this story was nice thought up, and once you read the other two books, it really sinks in on how complicated the plot really is.

I also love the personality of Dirk Provin. Smart, calm, composed and determined; perfect for the role which he has to play. The personality of Tia Veran is also a brilliantly constructed one, a perfect complementary to Dirk's. But readers can only appreciate this personality fully in the next two books.

Another must read for fantasy and non-fantasy readers alike.

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